The Tagalog Language


This topic bothers me… 🙂


I used to wonder how to do missionary work. well. those times are looking pretty good, because now I am wondering how to do it in a language that can’t decide whether its asian or spanish.


Bring google back on stage. (you will see by now, that me and google…are tight) 


Sites that have been helpful for basic tagalog


Also, use youtube while you can!! It has endless tutorials, and sound is important! Look for tutorials with filippino people speaking, so that you pick up the proper way to sound words.

Don’t get all stressed and pedantic about picking up too much, you’ll pick up the language sooner or later in one way or another! I am told it is just handy to have before going in to the MTC. but you won’t die if you don’t! 

As the annoying poster in my social studies class used to say… “Attitude determines Altitude” (by the way, that was not the same word twice… in case you made the same mistake I did for a whole term…hmm) 


until next time, adieu 


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