The Waiting Game

The Countdown… 

Not long to go!!!

I’ve decided to join the rank of bloggers, after reading through some great blogs kept for missionaries serving in the angeles area, by some very dedicated family members. Now I just need to find one of those in my own family… “muuuuuuum!!!” 🙂

Tomorrow will mark a month, to the day, that I opened up my own white envelope and received my mission call the angeles mission. Its been a bit of a journey! They say that it takes a whole village to raise a child, well, in my case, it took a family to make a missionary, but the effort that it took to get here make my mission call just that much more… awesome!!!


Most of my clothes I had within a week of getting my call. mhmmm. “fanatic”, yeah, you could say that. Lots of shirts and skirts, made of light cotton materials or similar. A few dresses that are non-iron material, for the lazy days (or knackered days, more like). If you are a kiwi, and a rural one like me at that, then trademe is your friend. NZ equivalent to Ebay.

Frugality and Prudence are trendy these days! and you can be with the clothes factor. Shoes are important. After talking to a couple of sisters serving in the philippines, they recommend crocs, or shoes that are similar to croc material/styles. This is because you cover some rough ground getting around the area! rocks, mud, water. The usual leather shoe will have a short life, plus leather tends to grow mould etc when it is wet… yeah, thats not nice. My feet will be the size of the average filipino plus another one! So to be on the safe side, I am taking spare shoes with me.

So, with a little research, and the saving grace of my aunties help, and my mum’s too, the wardrobe is ready!! well…I lie. it is more than ready. It is packed and waiting in my suitcase right now… trunky? definitely.

Technology is great, I have yet to enter the Provo MTC, but through blogs and google (google is everywhere) you can really get a feel for the place. I’ll put links to the blogs I can recommend at the bottom of this page.

The language has been on my mind alot. Teaching alone is one thing, but then to teach the gospel in a foreign language…. well. you’ve got your work cut out for you. I would say that anything you can learn now, will put you that much ahead! And on that note, have been haunting online learning sites for tagalog. At this stage I know some super simple greetings, some colours, numbers, really simple stuff, but its a start.

Thats enough for the first entry, salute, more to come!

A few blogs that I found really handy!


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