Tagalog…kapampangan now!

We were in the middle of shearing lambs today, when my younger sister yells over the noises of the shearing shed “KIRB!” and motions outside. There waiting, was a little lady with a big camera around her neck, who immediately says to me “komusta!” 

“huh” I said, and started wondering if this strange tourist spoke english. 

she did indeed! Agnes is a lovely geologist, who is from manila!! How about it, here I am in wop-wops of nz, and there turns up on my doorstep a woman all the way from the philippines, who lives an hour or so away from where will be serving in a few months. miracle. 


Among the things we discussed, was the dialect of the angeles city. Agnes said it was a dialect called “kapampangan”. This was a happy/disappointed visit, because she said the things i have learned so far, are very formal, and if i were to speak to another person in the phillipines my age, in that way, they would be insulted, because that is they way they speak to their grandparents, or elderly. very formal. but hey, better to know, and you do have to start somewhere. where it has paid off, is in the sounds of my words, which are very ‘fillipino-like’ apparently, so here’s hoping! 🙂 


after some searching around the internet, I found several links. the first is a link to the tagalog book of mormon. the second is the link to a wiki book about the kapampangan dialect. 


to, kapampangan and agnes, the fillipino geologist! 






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